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Isn't it against the law for them to work without that sign? Isn't the sign mandated by some gov't agency? Did anyone bother to check if there were any women on the crew? I hate this PC crap. If everyone was actually working nobody would have time to worry about this shit. Personally, I think anyone employed by a college oughta take offense to the "working" part of the sign instead of the "men" part.

To all the PC freaks, THERE ARE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN!! It's not insulting, it's not wrong to acknowledge it, we are just different. it's just a fact of life. you're not helping anything by trying to erase it, you're simply destroying society by trying to reorganize it in a way that YOU don't find offensive.

on Dec 05, 2012

Another issue to realize.  Whether you like it or not, we are still known as the "race of MAN".  It applies to both genders.

on Dec 07, 2012

on Dec 07, 2012

Every construction crew should have a couple dogs who can have puppies on their team.

Then, in order to not be discriminatory towards animals, they would have to post a sign that said, "Men and Bitches Working" unless they had a woman on the team.  Then that might be offensive somehow!