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Published on January 31, 2016 By BONEHEADdb In Democrat

Any of you Democrats on the Bernie sanders wagon? I am. It would tickle me pink if Bernie got the Democrat nod. It would be good for the nation and the world. What do you think, Bernie or Hagzilla?

on Feb 02, 2016

Bernie almost pulled it off last night. We can't depend on the justice department to deal with Clinton, it's up to Bernie to put her down. He needs your support

on Feb 11, 2016

Bernie pulled it off in New Hampshire. What do ya think now? Is Sanders going to do it or will he be brought down by the Clinton machine?

on Feb 29, 2016

The game is rigged for Hillary. She has over 400 super delegates to Bernie's handful. No one gets elected that the DNC does want to get elected. They promised Hillary this would be her turn. Silly Democrats. They think they are choosing their candidate. 

on Aug 01, 2016

Funny to see how quick everybody at CNN is to point out that these super delegates didn't matter because she won also by merely pledged delegates count. Which completely ignores the point that a situation where you get a headstart of +500 delegates puts you in favour of getting more media coverage, xpac funding and getting the whole establishment machinery rolling. You can see on the Rebublican side with Jeb Bush as an example how that machinery will let you fall if you can't bring in enough power home to them.